Best Talking Ben Soundboard Apps for Game and Chat

Talking Ben Soundboard is a popular app developed by Outfit7 Limited that has become extremely popular among smartphone users all over the globe. It is a fun and interactive app that lets users play a broad range of sounds and phrases recorded by the popular Talking Tom and Friends character, Ben. The program includes a variety of sound clips, such as jokes, funny phrases, and sound effects that users can listen to and share with their friends and family. Users can also capture and manipulate their voices using the app’s editing tools to create unique sound clips. The Talking Ben Soundboard app’s simplicity is one of its most important advantages. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it simple to navigate and appreciate for users of all ages.

Who is Talking Ben, and How Old is He?

The original name of Ben is Benjamin, and he is the primary character of the worldwide phenomenon Talking Ben. He is a light brown canine who has developed a passion for science. Ben is one of the most beloved canines in the world and can keep you entertained for hours on end. Ben is a chemist by trade and dislikes computing if we’re talking about his disposition. However, in Talking Tom, he is also a skilled mathematician with math knowledge. Ben has many friends, but his voice is unique, which is why many gamers and meme creators around the globe use Benjamin’s voice when creating a meme or changing their voice in real-time. Ben is 22 years old, and you can use his voice for various purposes by downloading the Ben Soundboard from various online websites.

Where to Download Talking Ben Soundboard?

You can go through the following soundboard websites to download Talking Ben Soundboard.

If you want to play the Talking Ben soundboard on your live or recorded videos, 101SOUNDBOARD.COM is one of the best places to download it. It’s a great website that lets you download and play beautiful soundboards anywhere. You only need a little to get to’s soundboards, which is good. Instead, you must go to the official website, sign in with your account information, and download the soundboards you want.

2 Voicy

The ‘Voicy’ soundboard is another great online soundboard that can help you download and play the Talking Ben joke. In addition to letting you download the Talking Ben soundboard, this soundboard gives you a huge chance to play 675,300 without doing much. You can also make an account on this soundboard and post the soundboards you like best. Overall, it’s a great soundboard that lets you access great-quality soundboards.

3. SoundBoardGuy

Soundboardguy is another great online site that lets you review everything about the sound library. SoundBoardGuy has found amazing effects like the scary Vecna sounds and the Talking Ben Soundboard. The goal of making this website was to change the way the soundboard business works. All the soundboards you can download from this site are grouped by category, which is cool. Also, Soundboardguy is easy to use, and you don’t have to sign up or download any software. Instead, you can get the Talking Ben meme by visiting the original website.

How to Apply Ben Soundboard While Gaming and Chatting

1.MagicMic Voice Changer with Soundboard

It is a given that you will find a voice changer that works well with the Talking Ben soundboard. You can try out iMyFone MagicMic, a new voice changer that has completely changed how people change their voices. iMyFone MagicMic is often updated to change your voice in real-time or add cool voice effects to recorded sound.MagicMic not only lets you change your voice in real life, but it also gives you amazing sound effects.


  • Change your voice in real-time using more than 100 voice filters.
  • Utilize over 150 voice parodies and 300 voice effects on your preferred online platforms.
  • Supports voice recording, and voice filters and sound effects can be applied to recorded voice
  • Import the audio file in WAV or MP3 format to apply sound effects and vocal filters.


MagicMic allows you to enjoy your data and night with friends by altering your voice and playing a variety of sound effects. Here is a list of possible approaches when using iMyFone MagicMic.

Online Game

You invited your pals to your birthday party, and everyone chose to play an online game. You can prank your pals and have fun while playing the game by changing your voice to sound like a monster is speaking. All of the companions in the room will have the impression that something has occurred in the room.

Chatting Online

You might get bored chatting with pals because continuous conversation with someone could be more exciting. To improve the environment, you can transmit exciting sound effects to your chatting partner using MagicMic.

Streaming in Real Time

You’re streaming a live video, and the audience protests that you should do something different to keep them entertained because the steaming is becoming monotonous. In that case, you can use MagicMic to change your voice in real-time to make them think someone else is speaking.

How to change your voice using iMyFone MagicMic?

Step 1: Download MagicMic from the official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Choose the microphone as your input device and the headphones as your output device.

Step 3: Click VoiceBox to choose the real-time voice filters you want to use. Also, if you tap on the Soundboard button, you can play the sound effects.

Step 4: Open up the website where you want to change the voice. Next, choose the microphone (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device) as your input device. Then you can change the voice in real time.


The Talking Ben soundboard apps are great additions to any game or chat site. These apps give users a wide range of funny and entertaining sound bites that can be used to spice up talks and add some humor to gaming sessions. Because there are so many choices on the market, users can find soundboards that fit their tastes and needs. Talking Ben karaoke apps are a lot of fun to try out, whether you want to have a good laugh with your friends or make your game feel more real.

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