Dental Marketing Blog writing for newbies

Dental Marketing Blog writing for newbies

If you have a dental website, chances are you want to start a dental marketing blog. If you have considered starting a dental marketing blog, you know that you face different questions such as how to install a blog, what platform should I use for my blog, what I should write about, etc. In this article I respond to some of those questions.

The first thing you need to decide about is if you want to use WordPress, BlogSpot or any of the other free platforms. You may want to install your dental marketing blog on your dental website or start a blog separately. If you start a separate blog then you can have the blog hosted on any of the platforms mentioned or similar and keep the same domain name or you may register a domain name of your own. There is no best solution for this part and any of the approaches have some plus and minuses and the best solution for you solely depends on your strategy, nevertheless it is important to know what options are on the table.

After you install your dental marketing blog in any of the methods the next question will be what to write about. The answer to that question depends on the type of the blog you have. If you have a dental practice website and you want to use your blog for dental practice marketing then you may want to write about topics of interests for patients. Those may be answer to the questions of your prospective or existent patients.

There is another type of dental marketing blog and that’s if you work for a dental marketing company. In a dentist marketing company you provide dental marketing services to dentists hence your prospective and existent customers are dentists. Then you should write about topics of their interest. The topics of their interest normally contain the information about dental marketing campaigns that can help them get more patients. Some examples are online reputation management for dental clinic, dentist marketing using social media, internet dental marketing, dental website design and development, dental blog marketing, dental SEO or search engine optimization and mail marketing. You can also write about some of the new trends such as Facebook dental marketing.

Lastly you should pay attention to graphics and interactivity of your blog. A live dental marketing blog has new content continuously, is checked for new comments and comments are responded to, takes advantage of photos and videos to have a great graphics and the content is well-written and well-organized.

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